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€ 15.00 p/p

Ofcourse you'll want to start your day with a homemade breakfast served in the greenhouse of the B&B....


At B&B Eva you are free to choose to have breakfast or not. If you'd rather go into town to enjoy breakfast in one of the numerous little coffeeshops, it is no problem.


We love to advise you which place to go and did you know there are places serving breakfast out on the beach?

Our sumptuous homemade breakfast is made with love and attention.

it contains:

- Fresh fruit salads

- Freshly sqeezed orange juice

- Freshly baked spelt bread

- Eggs

- Protein-rich cottage cheese

- Granola

- Cheese board

- Cream butter

- Sweet surprise

- Coffee Tea

Please let me know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs, so I can prepare accordingly.

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